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Contract Associate Professor Yu-Tou Tu



Contract Associate Professor Yu-Tou Tu  

Master of law, Department of law, National Kaohsiung University

Specialities criminal law、criminal procedure law、Trial practice of courts at all levels



  • Presidents of local courts such as Lianhuijiang, Fujian, Taidong, and Nantou, Taiwan
  • Judge and President of Kaohsiung Branch of Taiwan Hight Court
  • Judge and President of Kaohsiung District Court,Taiwan

Journal Papers

  1. Taiwan Law Journal No. 404 "Rethinking the establishment and recommendations of the judgment standard of the death penalty judgment of the Supreme Court of our country from the judgment standard of the death sentence in Japan" (2020.11.28).
  2. Taiwan Law Journal No. 356 "Research and Legislative Recommendations on Strengthening the Court's Determination of Expert Evidence in Professional Cases or Events Dispute Facts and Improving Judicial Reliability by the Expert Jury System" (2018.11.28).
  3. Taiwan Law Journal No. 347 "From the viewpoint of comparative law on the problems of the main judgment criteria of the death penalty in my country and suggestions for the resolution mechanism" (2018.07.14).
  4. Judicial Weekly No. 1910, No. 1911 "The Difficulties in the Application of Expert Evidence in Current Judicial Practices and the Future of the System (Part 1 and 2) (2018.07.20, 2018.07.27).


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