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Kuan-Chun Johnny Chang Professor


Prefessor Kuan-Chun Johnny Chang   

S.J.D. with Distinction, Georgetown University Law Center


Insurance Law, Banking Law, Financial Regulations, Financial Consumer Protection Law, American Contract Law, Negotiation



  • Chief Legal Supervisor, Taiwan Research Institute
  • Member of Board of Directors, Taiwan Insurance Institute
  • Adjunct Professor, Soochow University College Law and Department of Financial Engineering and Actuarial Mathematics
  • Professor of Law and Risk Management, National Cheng-Chi University
  • Secretary General, Taiwan Insurance Law Association
  • Arbitrator, Arbitration Association of Republic of China
  • President and Chairman of the Ombudsman Committee, Financial Ombudsman Institution
  • Member of Corporate Governance Evaluation Committee, Taiwan Stock Exchange
  • Senior Consultant, Lockton Insurance Brokage Company
  • Board of Governors, International Network of Financial Ombudsman Schemes
  • Editors, Association Internationale de Droit des Assurances
  • Visiting Fellow, National University of Singapore

Journal Papers

  1. Kuan-Chun Chang, Critical Analyses on Excluding the Application of Article 72 of the Banking Act in the Statute for Expediting Reconstruction of Urban Unsafe and Old Buildings 2021 No.4 TAIWAN BAR JOURNAL 29 (2021).
  2. Kuan-Chun Chang, Critical Analysis on the Error of Article 29 of the Banking Act 407 TAIWAN LAW JOURNAL 19 (2020) (In Chinese).
  3. Kuan-Chun Chang, Rethinking the Issue of Allowing the Use of Predictive Genetic Testing Results in Insurance Underwriting 50 ANGLE HEALTH LAW REVIEW 20 (2020).
  4. Kuan-Chun Chang, Systemic Interpretation of Article 29 of the Banking Act Regarding Presumptive Deposit-taking, 390 TAIWAN LAW JOURNAL 19 (2020) (In Chinese).
  5. Kuan-Chun Chang & Nieng-Chun Chiang, Revisiting Casual Connection Between the Insured Event and Death of the Insured in the Accident Insurance – A Critique on the 2016 Ins. Shang No. 15 Judgment of the Taiwan High Court 92 TAIWAN JURIST 50 (2020) (In Chinese).
  6. Kuan-Chun Chang, A Study on the Elements of Deposit-taking Prohibition in The Banking Act, 288 TAIWAN LAW REVIEW 131 (2019) (In Chinese).
  7. Kuan-Chun Chang, The Nature and Regulation of Viatical Settlement Products in Taiwan 35 No.1 TAIWAN INSURANCE REVIEW 1 (2019) (In Chinese).
  8. Kuan-Chun Chang, Dialectic Analysis on Should Medical Professional Insurance be Compulsory? 28 ANGLE HEALTH LAW REVIEW 26 (2019) (In Chinese).
  9. Melody Li-Chen Wang & Kuan-Chun Chang, Issues on Risk Management and Insurance of Cloud Computing 34 No.3 TAIWAN INSURANCE REVIEW 277 (2018) (In Chinese).
  10. Kuan-Chun Johnny Chang, International Association of Insurance Supervision in ELGAR ENCYCLOPEDIA OF INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC LAW at 93-95 (2017, Edward Elgar).
  11. Kuan-Chun Chang, A Study on the Fintech Sandbox from the Perspective of Financial Supervision and Financial Consumer Protection: Critiques on the Bill of Fintech Development and Innovation Act 266 TAIWAN LAW REVIEW 5 (2017).
  12. Kuan-Chun Chang, Dialectic Analysis on the Legislation of Entering an Insurance Contracts on Behalf Insured under the age of 15 53 TAIWAN JURIST 39 (2016) (In Chinese).
  13. Kuan-Chun Chang, A Study on Whether the Insurance Contract (Cash Surrender Value) can be Seized and Enforced from the Perspective of U.S. Law 32 No.3 TAIWAN INSURANCE REVIEW 273 (2016) (In Chinese).
  14. Kuan-Chun Chang, Critical Analyses on the 2015 Amendment of Taiwan Insurance Act Regarding the Duties of Insurance Brokers 250 TAIWAN LAW REVIEW 120-141 (2016).
  15. Kuan-Chun Chang, Regulating the Moral Hazard of Global Systemically Important Financial Institutions: A Critical Analysis on the Approaches of the Financial Stability Board and the Basel Committee in INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC LAW: THE ASIA-PACIFIC PERSPECTIVES at 325-384 (2015).
  16. Kuan-Chun Chang, Elements and Applicable Laws of Content Control over Insurance Contracts 39 TAIWAN JURIST 37 (2015) (In Chinese).
  17. Kuan-Chun Chang, Imposing Punitive Damages on Insurers for Their Bad-Faith Conduct, 270 TAIWAN LAW JOURNAL 15 (2015) (In Chinese).
  18. Kuan-Chun Chang, Identifying the Character of the Separate Account of the Investment-Linked Insurance Products in China: From Theoretical and Comparative Law Perspectives, 11 No. 6 US-CHINA LAW REVIEW Vol.11 No.6 pp.514(2014).
  19. Kuan-Chun Chang, An Optimal Global Regime for Regulating Credit Rating Agencies in the Post-Financial Crisis Era in FRONTIERS OF INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC LAW at 22-41 (2014, Brill).
  20. Kuan-Chun Chang, A Critical Reassessment on the Insurable Interest in Life Insurance, 213 TAIWAN LAW REVIEW 118 (2013) (In Chinese).
  21. Kuan-Chun Chang, A Critical Review on The Increase Hazard Clause in Taiwanese Insurance Act – From the Perspective of Comparative Law, 131 NATIONAL CHENGCHI UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW 89 (2013) (In Chinese).
  22. Kuan-Chun Chang, Identifying and Construction of Ambiguities in Insurance Policy Clauses, 210 TAIWAN LAW REVIEW 189 (2013) (In Chinese).
  23. Kuan-Chun Chang, The Rights of other Innocent Co-insureds Where one of the Co-insureds Intentionally Cause the Loss, 115 TAIWAN JURIST 30 (2012) (In Chinese).
  24. Kuan-Chun Chang, Managing the Climate Change Liability Risk Facing Major Greenhouse Gas Emitters – the US Model, Vol. 7 no. 2 NAT’L KAOHSIUNG UNIV. L. REV. 41 (2012) (In Chinese).
  25. Kuan-Chun Chang, Does “Mutual Aid Mechanism” Constitute Insurance? 13 TAIWAN JURIST 43 (2011) (In Chinese).
  26. Kuan-Chun Chang, Commentaries on Recent Amendments of the Insurance law of the PRC Regarding Insurance Contracts, Vol. 10 no. 4 WASHINGTON UNIV. GLOBAL STUDIES L. REV. 749 (2012) (WestLaw & LexisNexis).
  27. Kuan-Chun Chang, A Critical Review on the “Malicious Double Insurance” Provision in Taiwanese Insurance Act, 31 CROSS-STRAIT LAW REVIEW 92 (2011).
  28. Kuan-Chun Chang, Revaluation on Whether the Double Insurance Clause in the Taiwanese Insurance Act Applies to Medical Expense Insurance, 192 TAIWAN LAW REVIEW 156 (2011).
  29. Kuan-Chun Chang, Critiques to Provisions in the Taiwanese Insurance Act Regarding the Non-Refun of Insurance Premium Where the Insured Breaches his duty of Disclosure or Notice, 26 NEW PERSPECTIVES OF LAW 51 (2010) (In Chinese).
  30. Kuan-Chun Chang, Accidental Means? Accidental Results – A Critical Revisit on the Definition of “Accident” in Casualty Insurance, Vol. 61 no. 8 LAW MONTHLY 36 (2010) (In Chinese).
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  37. Kuan Chun Chang, The Teaching of Law in the United States – Observations on the Case Method and the Socratic Method as well as its Comparison to Taiwanese Pedagogy , 4 Vol. 2 NTU L. Rev. 1 (2009) (Westlaw).
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  41. Kuan Chun Chang, Legal Issues on the Securitization of Financial Assets & the Securitization of Insurance Risks: The U.S. Experience and an Analysis on Related Laws and Regulations of Taiwan, 77 NATIONAL CHENGCHI UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW 112(2005)(In Chinese).
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  44. Kuan Chun Chang, The Supervision of the Capital Adequacy of Financial Conglomerates, Vol.15 No. 3 JOURNAL OF DEPOSIT INSURANCE INFORMATION, (2001).




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