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Message from the Department Head

Dear Parents and Students,

    The Department of Business and Economic Law is based on the idea of cultivating pragmatic financial law experts, founded in 2015 when the establishment of citic financial management institute was first established, showing the school's founder, board of directors and president of the Department of Financial Law attaches importance! In the past few years, with the joint efforts of teachers and students, there has been widespread and positive attention and affirmation in the community. Bang Embroidery is pleased to have the opportunity to become head of the department on the first graduation date of June 1, 2019, and based on the vision and mission of making this department the most pragmatic and professional department of finance and law in Taiwan and Asia, I will continue to promote the department's work under the foundation of the successive teachers, and work with the teachers and students of the whole department.

    One of the characteristics of this department is a strong financial industry teachers, today's university education is easy to produce the problem of school students' learning and practice derailment. The department's efforts in the past schools and departments, in addition to the re-engineering of basic law education, so that students plant independent study of the legal foundation can stand, during the school period to arrange a number of industry teachers to give lectures, so that students and social reality, in addition to the out-of-school government and related legal professional institutions, the establishment of a cooperative partnership between production and learning, To enable students to learn how to learn to use, reduce the learning difference, the structure is committed to promote the integration of learning.

    When stepping into the department of finance and law, students have been shouldering the mission of the legal people to society. The department will try its best to improve the learning environment, all students need to always urge their own learning and living conditions, with patience, perseverance and a strong heart to face the challenge. A successful legal person needs to go through trial and error, and you will become an expert in this field. The law is due to social activities and life, everyone will face a life in practice, and maintain a healthy and positive mentality, cultivate empathy, and overcome all hardships and hardships, I believe that all students can find their own piece of the day, become a successful professional!

Head of the Department of Business and Economic Law

Liu,Pang-Hsiu, 2019.6.10