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For common core requirements, students must take Economics (6 course units), Accounting (6 course units), and Corporate Law (3 course units) to build a solid groundwork for business and financial law.

Apart from basic knowledge and manner of lega studeis, the Department of Business and Economic Law aims to cultivate financial law expertise in Banking Act, Securities Act, Futures Transaction Regulations, Business Entity Accounting Act, and Tax Related Laws & Regulations. The curriculum is co-designed with other legal professionals and practitioners to ensure the coursework provides both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, so students are able to get on track immediately once they enter the workforce. Students also have the opportunity to take classes from the Department of Banking and Finance, and the Department of Business Administration to enhance professional business knowledge. An all-English program will be offered to introduce courses like the Introduction to Anglo-American Law, Anglo-American Law of Contracts, and Torts as well as Legal English and Legal Japanese to enhance students’ foreign language proficiency in legal studies.