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Kuang-Hsun Shih Ph.D. Finance, Nova Southeastern University, U.S.A.

SpecialtyBanking Operation, e-Banking, Financial Information Systems, Investigation of Financial Crime, Performance Measurement and Management

Chen-Min Hsu Ph.D. Economics, Johns Hopkins University

Specialty:Area of Expertise: Monetary Banking, International Finance, Macroeconomics, Financial Economcis

Berry F.C.Hsu  Professor Berry F.C.Hsu, Doctor, of Law, University of London

Specialty:Tax Law, Banking Law, Financial Regulation, Doctor of Law, University of London

Kuan-Chun Johnny Chang  S.J.D. with Distinction, Georgetown University Law Center

Specialty:Insurance Law, Banking Law, Financial Regulations, Financial Consumer Protection Law, American Contract Law, Negotiation

Ta-Chien Sun  Doctor of Materials Science and Engineering,  Ohio State University

Specialty:Marketing strategy,Management,Leadership&Managemend

Yao-Chen He J.D. Juris Doctor. Southern Methodist University

Specialty:Business law, Introduction to U.S. Legal System, Corporate Law, International Business Law, Fair Trade Law, WTO

Liu-Pang Hsiui  Ph.D. candidate, Tunghai University, School of Law

Specialty:Criminal Procedure, Case study of Criminal Law, Prison Law, Victim Protection Law, Criminology, Rehabilitative Disposition Execution Law, Remedies

Chin-Che Cheng S.J.D. Washington College of Law, American University, Washington, D.C., USA.

Specialty:International law, International economic law, International financial institutions and sustainable development, International environmental law

Associate Professor

Dan T.E. Chan

Ph.D., National Chung Cheng University, Graduate Institute of Criminology

Specialty:Financial Criminal Law, Financial Crime Prevention, Compliance in Financial Institutions and Anti-Money Laundering

Tsung-Chien Chen

Ph.D. Fu Jen University, School of Law

Specialty:Civil Law、Land Law、Trust Law、Government Procurement Law、Personal Property Secured Transactions Law、Condominium Administration Law、National Security Intelligence Law

Han Wu

Ph.D. National Chengchi University, Graduate Institute of East Asian Studies

Specialty:Constitution Law、Introduction to Law、comparative politics、Cross-strait relations

Pei-Lin Hsu Ph. D, Law, Remin University of China, China.

Specialty:Corporation law, Business law, Securities and exchange act, Business law of China

Yu-Tou Tu

Master of law, Department of law, National Kaohsiung University

Specialty:criminal law、criminal procedure law、Trial practice of courts at all levels

Assistant Professor

Yi Chou

National Taiwan Ocean University, Ph. D.

 Wuhan University, China, Ph. D. in Law

Specialty:International Law, Law of Sea

Xiao Ting Gu Ph. D.Chinese Culture University

Specialty:International Law, Law of SeaHomeland Planning Policy Law;AI Property Rights;Personal Data Protection.

Wei-Chun Tsai Ph. D in Law Candidate, Dept. of law of Chinese Cul-ture University

Specialty:Private International Law, Arbitration, Civil Law, Busi-ness law

Pin-Hua Hsu Ph.D. in Law, National Chung-Cheng University

Specialty:Specialities Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Intellectual Properety Law, Technology Law

Diane I. Lin Ph.D, in Law, National Cheng-Kung University

Specialty:Intellectual Property Laws, Antitrust Law, Competition Law, Corporate Law, M&A Law, Enterprises Manufacturing Intelligence


Chang-Chun Ling Master of Psychology, New York University, USA

Specialty:nglish Linguistics, Psycholinguistics, Translating and Interpreting in English-Chinese

Shan-Chuan Feng Ph.D. Candidates,National Chung University

Specialty:Compulsory Enforcement Act,The Notary Act, Consumer Debt Clean-up Regulations,Negotiable Instruments Act,Family Law and Succession Law


Professional Specialist Faculty

Professor Rank Specialist

吳一揆 美國羅徹斯特大學企業管理學系碩士


林靜莉 威其塔州立大學企業管理學系  碩士


金玉瑩 東吳大學法學碩士


張治平 淡江大學學士


楊松明 輔仁大學會計系學士


葉玉卿 國立臺灣大學法律系學士


糜以雍 國立台灣大學電機工程系學士



顔長明 國立臺灣大學法律系學士




Yen-Jo Kiang [ 2017-01-24 ]



江彥若 助理教授



專長  社會研究方法、行銷學、推銷學、管理學



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