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About us

Department Features

    Our school was renamed CTBC Business School on April 29, 2015. 
    The Department of Business and Economic Law will have its first 50 undergraduate students in September 2015. We have invited the outstanding professors in the financial law area to join our faculty, with financial and economic law being our department focuses.


    In the future, we will invite even more outstanding faculty from areas such as banking law, securities regulation, insurance law and international and mainland financial law to join us in transforming our reputation into the best financial and economic law research team in Taiwan. 
    Our department will provide study abroad programs for our students to attend well-known law schools, and we will help our students to become globally competitive in financial and economic law professional world. 
    Our school will establish a school-level “Financial Law Research Center,” in which we will invite the leading experts in the financial law industry to join our research center. We will hold periodical financial law conferences and speeches to connect the knowledge from both theory and practice, and our goal is to transform the Financial Law Research Center into becoming the leading financial law research team in Taiwan.

Our Goals

  1. Develop financial law professionals.
  2. Develop economic law.
  3. Develop legal professionals with the ability to deal with international and foreign affairs.
  4. Develop legal professionals with business knowledge.