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Assistant Professor Chang-Hung Feng


Assistant Professor Chang-Hung Feng

Ph. D. in law of National Cheng Kung University


tax regulations, tax planning, business accounting law, trust tax system, real estate tax system, inheritance and gift tax, tax administrative relief, financial commodity taxation practice



  • Assistant Vice President, Nan Shan Life Insurance Company, Ltd.
  • Section Chief, National Taxation Bureau of the Southern Area, MOF.

Journal Papers

  1. Chang-Hung Feng, Research on Controversial Issues relating to The Management, Utilization, and Taxation of Repatriated Offshore Funds Act, Chung Cheng Financial And Economic Law Review, NO.20, January 2020, p161-200.
  2. Chang-Hung Feng, A Study on Taxation Concerning the Exchanging Shares of Dissolved Company Being Merged, Chung Cheng Financial And Economic Law Review, NO.15, July 2017, p55-95.
  3. Chang-Hung Feng, The Basic Principles of Government Arts Awards and the Means, Chung Cheng Financial And Economic Law Review, NO.9, July 2014, p109-159.
  4. Yue-Dian Hsu/Chang-Hung Feng, Legal Disputes Over the Government Procurement of Cultural and Artistic Performances: the“Dreamers” Musical for the 100th Anniversary Celebration of the Republic of China, Chungyuan Financial & Economic Law Review, 36, June 2016, pp.121-169.
  5. Yue-Dian Hsu/Chang-Hung Feng, Discussion on the Constitution about non-salary income of couple merger taxation - Review Grand Justices interpretation No. 696, Soochow Law Review, Vol. 25, Issue 3, Jan. 2014, pp. 37-67.
  6. Chang-Hung Feng, Study on The Suitable Time of Taxation which Trust Benefit does not Distribute to The Grantor, Tunghai University Law Review, No.37, Aug. 2012, p177-232.
  7. Chang-Hung Feng, Schools breach the withholding obligations of income tax law who should be penalize- A Review of Justice interpretation of interpretation No. 673, Soochow Law Review, Vol. 23, No.3, Jan. 2012, p125-150.
  8. Chang-Hung Feng, The study of controversial problem of stock trust taxation, Chung Cheng Financial And Economic Law Review, NO.4, Jan. 2012, p163-222.


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