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許方中 教授


 許方中教授   (履歷) 


英國倫敦大學 (University of London) 法律學哲學博士

專長 稅務法、銀行及財務法、金融監管制度



  • 香港大學,工商管理及經濟學院,兼任教授(3/2017至 8/2018)
  • 香港大學,法律學院,亞洲國際金融法研究所,榮譽院士(2/2016至現今)
  • 香港大學,工商管理及經濟學院,兼任教授(5/2016至 8/2016)
  • 香港大學,法律學院,亞洲國際金融法研究所,副所長; 院士;及香港大學房地產及建設系法律學教授 (2006 - 2016年)
  • 香港科技大學,工商管理學院法律學助理教授(7/1992至6/1995)
  • 澳洲維多利亞州最高法院 (Supreme Court of Victoria) 律師 (1997)
  • 紐西蘭最高法院 (High Court of New Zealand) 律師 (1999)


Selected Publications

(Please refer to full Curriculum Vitae)


 Articles in law journals  

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  1. B. Hsu, “Judicial Independence under the Basic Law”, 34:2(2004) Hong Kong Law Journal, pp. 279-302. Shorter version: “Judicial Independence in Hong Kong: Apparent or Real?”,
  1. B. Hsu, “Asset Quality in HKSAR’s Real Estate Market: A Public Policy and Legal Analysis”, 19:2(2002) UCLA Pacific Basin Law Journal, University of California, pp. 263-85.
  1. B. Hsu, "International Law and Trade Agreements: Building a sustainable environment in the Hong Kong SAR", 20:4(2001) Virginia Environmental Law Journal, University of Virginia, pp. 549-71.
  1. B. Hsu, “Is the Financial Crisis over in the HKSAR? An Evaluation of its Banking Framework”, 16:2(2001) Banking & Finance Law Review, pp. 275-301.
  1. B. Hsu, "Legislative Control of Hong Kong Financial Markets", 28:3(1997) Law and Policy in International Business, symposium issue, Georgetown University Law Centre,  pp. 649-714.
  1. B. Hsu, "The politics in Canadian judicial decision making process", 32:4(1994) Alberta Law Review, University of Alberta, pp. 741-61.




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